A bit about me and my hustle

This post seeks to be place holder to the menu which in turn seeks to answer to 2 questions.First of which is ; Benson what do you do for money broer. Said with a Noordhoek accent. The second and more important is the one that I will start with : Benson what did you do to change your world today?
Well this morning I got my community hustle on and I recruited a team of one. We have been collecting wood chips from a neighbours property and these bags were delivered to my pain in the ass garden site. PITA because there is no plan and conditions are tough. With the weather being what it is , today we are at plus 35 degrees. These 10 plus bags serve as mulch for the garden path. And it looks ok. I racked up dried weeds and this is a PITA. I have a plan to enclose this mulch with loose rock and finally bring in bags of compost to get bits of this PITA site looking lekker. Then I headed down for a swim/beach clean. The water lately has been grand. I also have seen greatness in the way the CoCT has gone about cleaning after the masses of underwear swimmers. I do wish my alderman would read my complimentary post. A job well done to the beach clean up integrated team!

This year I start work as a contract facilitator with my favourite group of people, prophets and kings. I have been working with them on and off for many years. In the founder and I served the underprivileged kids of the Cape Flats through a project called the Cape Times Fresh Air Fund. Yeah baby its been 20 plus years. Our client is called the YES Project linked to the Salesian Institute and they are seeking affect the unemployment challenge in the country by offering various training course to unemployed youth. Our course seeks to prepare these job seekers for the workplace by focusing of self development, job readiness and gaol setting.

A second a very exciting income has come about in a very interesting way. Back in the day my wife , Barbs and I had ourselves a little child called the Mystic Chilli. This first born was conceptualized by her and best friend Zelda. Through an invitation by Ukama Janine and Cariema. We are now a part of this very exciting kitchen incubator located in Capricorn business park. Yesterday I churned out about 25L of Coriander Chilli Chutney. Thats hot stuff. I am looking forward to this journey.


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